Satellite Data Assimilation (IV) 


Dr. Milija Zupanski (CIRA/Colorado State University)

Dr. Zupanski received his B.Sc. in Meteorology from University of Belgrade, Serbia, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, with Prof. Yoshi Sasaki as an adviser. His area of interest includes ensemble data assimilation, nonlinear and non-differentiable optimization and preconditioning, non-Gaussian probability assumptions, predictability and chaos theory, and applied mathematics. 

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Lecture topics: Mathematical Introduction to DA, Cloud-resolving high-resolution DA, DA with coupled models, Satellite DA with cloud

Dr. Liang Xu (Naval Research Laboratory; NRL)

Dr. Xu is a meteorologist, specialized in data assimilation and numerical modeling, at NRL. He and his team have developed, tested, and transitioned an operational global atmospheric 4D-Var system to the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanographic Center. He is currently the lead scientist in developing the US Navy’s operational mesoscale 4D-Var system. He is also working on developing a land-surface data assimilation system.


 Lecture topics: Introduction to 4D-Var, Minimization algorithms, Introduction to background/ analysis error & variance/covariance estimation, Land surface DA (LSDA)